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Default Re: Use of the forearm in the Shoulder Roll Defense

Originally Posted by brood3 View Post
Boxing has always been like that dumbass. You think its always been clean? Its not a clean sport, never has and never will. WWE is fake moron. Boxing is a real fight.

I didn't say that idiot. I said you need to quit your whining and except boxing for what it is. And *** is spelled like this ***.
Yeah says the resident ****-tionary brood. this is not an English class so I can say whatever I want phaggitty foo.

Did I mention anything about boxing being clean? Yes, Boxing is not clean and so are the any of the contact sports out there, so quit being a douche and acting like you know every **** in the book.

And WWE is indeed fake SIR. Dont act like you are genius in these boards SIR.
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