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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by KidDynamite View Post
i didn't flee

and Golota did beat Bowe twice ... prime Bowe too .. Bowe was never the same after those fights with him ... he wasn't in the best shape for the first Golota fight but the second he was and Golota just beat him like a drum.

Golota was a super heavyweight and knew how to use his size ... also had an excellent jab and out jabbed Bowe ... threw beautiful combinations as well and had a decent chin ... very good counter puncher and decent defensively. Dude is a H2H monster and one of the most talented guys I've ever seen ... the fight with Lewis would've been much different if it wasn't for that lidocaine injection he got.

The difference between Bowe and Wlad is that Bowe could take a sustained amount of punishment and still stay on his feet, Wlad can't. Wlad has never fought an opponent as skilled as Golota who could jab with him.
Im not sure how anyone can think golota beat bowe. It isn't debatable, he quit twice.

Bowe showed great heart and did what he needed to win (fight back).
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