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Default Re: Frochs P4P MAN FLURRIES WRECK Ward

Originally Posted by oli View Post
What part of "Ward is the most boring fighter in the world of the last 60 years" do YOU not understand?

As effective and skillfull as he is, he is boring as ****, awful to watch and nobody really gives a **** about him. It doesn't matter that he outboxed Froch, nobody gives a ****, everybody wants to see Carl Froch and nobody goes out of their way to see Ward because he couldn't attract flies to dog**** because he is absolutely unwatchable.

Carl Froch can excite a full house on either side of the Atlantic, and continues to do so, Ward is left on the sidelines making no money, and with nobody worthwhile to fight but weight drained Light heavyweights from the worst division in years. Ward has nowhere to go. He is irrelevant. Nobody cares when he is fighting next. But Carl Froch is packing houses and putting on shows. So Ward can say what he likes the bottom line is he boring as **** and fans don't give a **** about seeing him.

AND he ducked Dirrell and Bute
Dirrell is the one that pulled out of their fight. I guess Lewis was ducking Bowe when Bowe threw his title in the trash.

And all Bute had to do was beat a good fighter but instead got destroyed vs Froch proving that he's never earned ir deserved a shot.

The butthurt is strong with this one.
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