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Default Re: S&C coaches are not neccessary.

Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
Hey tell me, did your S&C coach force you to drink his sperm instead of milk or something? Seriously what's with the hate fool.
What is it about this thread that makes such a wit as yourself come up with these scenario's they are so graphic, do they come from your own experiences?
No hate intended only stating a fact, S&C guys swear up and down that modern science and knowledge make them superior to a boxing trainers. I dont think so and that is what this thread is about. Some S&C guys, especially the amateurs that come on this forum put these guys down like they are just dumbasses who dont know jack about training a fighter. Go on some of these threads and see the venom spewed on old school and boxing trainers.
Now my boxing friend where is the hate that is equal to yours and your posts?
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