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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
1. Golota lost to Bowe

2. Bowe was not in his prime in 1996. He was slurring his speech and had brain damage, he was washed up.
1. Golota destroyed Bowe and effectively retired him, but was DQ'ed in the process. He dominated him both fights, nearly every single round. Even Bowe said that he was winning both times "hands down" before he got DQed.

2. No he wasn't. Bowe was fine at that time ... he was coming of 4 straight wins an a TKO of Holyfield.

I'm speechless.
Dude its the truth ... Watch some Golota fights, especially the Bowe fights ... far more skilled than Wladimir who can only throw 3 punches and only has 1 combo.

Name me one good fighter Golota ever beat? Just one.
Bowe twice ... was robbed against Byrd and Ruiz ... was beating the hell out of Grant before he quit ... Golota was for real.

Waldo hasn't beaten anyone that special either and is usually criticized for that fact, so why the hate on Golota?

Golota only spazzed out when the fight went into the late rounds ... he'd have Wlad out of there early so no problem.

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