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Default Re: S&C coaches are not neccessary.

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
This really is all that needs to be said on the topic.
Thats right but only in a minority of cases are S&C guys needed, a good boxing coach can do the job without any input from an S&C guy. But let me ask can a S&C guy get a fighter ready without a boxing coach? I know alot of you yappers, will say yes we can.
You guys for some reason have this reaction that I am a hater. No I am just stating a fact, S&C guys are Notneccessary, what is wrong with that. There is statistical data readily available, ck out BOXREC and ck out every fighter throughout boxing history that would have had a modern S&C guy, I will save you the trouble practically none. They had old fashion and old school training in a vast marjority of cases. Modern S&C claim they know the human body better then any coach and have knowledge of technological advances and blah, blah. Well as then saying goes "IF IT AINT BROKE", you know the rest.
Another factor you yappers dont realize is that not everyone has access to a S&C guy, or could afford one if there was.
My point is S&C guys are not neccesary, thats all.
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