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Default Re: Broner is going to massacre burns

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
DeMarco WAS NOT the consensus at the weight, unless you count by default. He beat Linares, who was more of a blown-up super-feather than a genuine LW champion. He also got stopped in his next fight, which casts his quality above FW and SFW into some doubt. He had no more right to be called that than Burns does. Abril has a better claim to that distinction.

And you want to use Molina as an example? His best win was over Hank Lundy and, beyond that, he hadn't managed much else and just lost to Ray Beltran in fact.

You made two mistakes there. One, you've suggested that my opinion on Broner is somehow flawed because, to use common parlance, I Don't Know **** About Boxing. Well, I suggest you look through my posts and reassess that stupid, baseless and arrogant assertion.

But actually, I'd advise you shut up because of reason two. If you think Broner has "improved", then more power to you. I look at it very differently. After the scare on the PDL fight, his brain trust change the sort of guys he was fighting. They're all straight ahead plodders who prefer to use their faces for defence (and is what they had expected with PDL). The one exception to that is Litzau, who's basically a chinless wonder with moderate ability.

Yes, he LOOKS improved, but only because he's fighting guys that don't pose him problems in the same way. Give him an opponent with better movement, a tight defence and who will control pace and range, and I suspect he'll suddenly look a lot less improved.

DeMarco WAS the concencus #1 at the weight, regardless of what you say. I'm fairly sure he was Ring Magazines #1 at the weight aswell as being WBC champ. Nobody at Lightweight has achieved a great deal so you could say he was the best of a bad bunch, but he was the concencus #1.

I don't doubt that you know a fair amount about boxing. One would have to assume that after 8000+ posts on a boxing forum you'd have know a thing or two, although looking at some of the things i've read from certain people on this site there would be no guarantee of that!

Broner HAS improved. There are quite a few similarities between PDL and DeMarco, although DeMarco is bigger and better in many ways. The fact that he went from arguably losing to PDL (he could easily have lost that fight) to absolutely hammering DeMarco shows this. It's also well documented that he - like Burns - struggled to make 130 and i think he'll get better and better. I think 135 and 140 will suit him very, very well.

DeMarco was a career best opponent for him and he produced a majestic performance, just like Burns vs Martinez, Katsidis and Mitchell. I don't see what's not to like? Make Burns vs Broner happen for the WBC/WBO Lightweight belts and may the best man win.
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