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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
Yes, the Cleverly and Miranda fights put him there on paper but legitimately you would have to say no. It was an embarassing fight anf the guy looked like a middleweight. He was an absolute nobody with a nice looking record but made on journeymen.

Its another disgrace from Hearns which has been washed over due to production and promotion.

No one knows Bellews last opponent.
No one knows Kell Brooks last opponent.
Some know of but don't really know Frochs last opponent too well.

Bellew should have been the one facing Mack. He simply isn't learning anything from these fights. Cleverly taught him he isn't fit enough to go a hard 12. Miranda wasn't a brilliant match up on paper but it allowed him to employ a good strategy over 12 so he learnt something.
agree with alot of that, however i don't think you can criticise hearn too much for playing the rankings game, its not hearns fault average fighters are given lofty rankings and getting your guy a relatively easy nights work in a meaningful fight is promoting 101. Not nice for us guys more the fault of the alphabet boys than the promoters.

I also thought bellew proved he had a world class engine in the cleverly cleverly fight, threw hard punches for 12 rounds and match nc all the way.
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