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Default Re: School me on Jimmy Wilde

Originally Posted by anj View Post
Always very high on P4P all-time lists.

To his credit, just looking at boxrec, he was always 10lbs lighter than his opponents.

Most of Wilde's wins were against bums who barely even started their professional career lol. He won the first world flyweight title against a guy who had 17 wins and 32 losses by the end of his career.
He only stayed in Britain. Did he fight cab drivers?

Right now, I have no CLUE how on earth he is always ranked as one of the very best ATG's.

I put him on the list I did because I didn't know enough about him and thought I'd submit to the greater knowledge pool...acknowledging I'm still yet to learn about many fighters.

How exactly is he better than a monster like Galaxy or someone like Ricardo Lopez?

Keep to the topic please.
Like the_bigunit said, Boxrec records are incomplete for such older fighters. You can read in a 1921 newspaper that a fighter had over 120 bouts so far, yet you read on boxrec that he had a 3-0 record. Boxrec is a great tool, but it would be near impossible to add every damn fights that have happened since 1870.

I'm pretty sure that Gentleman Jim Corbett didn't develop his revolutionizing style (for the time) with a career of ony 24 bouts.
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