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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

Ignore the facts and emphasize the speculation. Read the SI article.... were they in on the fix also? If what you say was true and the NY state commission was that much anti Liston they would have found a fix if there were evidence of one. Funny you have lots of info/lies you post but tell everyone.....

Why did you never mention the two formal investigations that found no evidence of a fix?

Why did not not mention the technical ****ysis of the second bout where the film was ****yzed frame by frame and concluded that Liston was indeed koed?

Why did you not mention Chuvalos comment that Listons eyes were darting side to side when he was down evidence of brain trauma?

Why did you not mention that Patterson, Fleischer, Walcott, SI reporters, Torres, and many others were at ringside, saw the punch land and all stated the ko was legit?

So you ignore formal investigations and eye witness testimony but insist upon writing about fringe, non specific information, pure speculation that needs to be interpreted by a very imaginative thought process? Bottom don't kill yourself in training if there is to be a fix and if there is a fix especially by such an unpopular fighter as Liston it would be exposed in a formal investigation. Result of both investigations, Miami and evidence of a fix was found.
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