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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

Tony Bellew is dead at the weight, needs to move up to CW.

After afew rounds he always seems flat and fatigued, allot of fighters can breath heavy and looked fatigued but still produce good work.

Tony Bellew looks fatigued, and pretty much after 1-2 rounds, he looks like his car battery is completely flat.

I think his power is overrated, but what gets him out of trouble is his size and technical sound boxing skills. Because like i have stated time before, he is weak at the weight.

Tony Bellew has little speed aswell, his friend Carl Froch is in the same boat but..? Carl Froch has more handspeed, and athletically..? has more athleticism, and immense immense stamina and endurance, better power aswell.

Toney Bellew is not a genuine puncher at 175, he looks like he is punching under water after afew rounds.

Toney Bellew for me has bellow par stamina, speed is below par aswell. Buts his size at the weight/toughness and technical sound boxing skills gets him through fights.

I don't think Tony Bellew will be able to cope with any fighter who can take his punches, and put it on him at a high intensity. It was the reason why he lost against Cleverly..? Cleverly could take his power, and if he needed to and he could also fight at a high intensity.

Note: I like Tony Bellew, but he needs to wake up and accept the fact that at 175. He is bellow par physically, the strain that it takes to make the weight is having a deter-mental affect on his performances. He's not Julian Jackson "He's not a big puncher at 175" and at elite level..? He is running the risk of being knocked out badly, or beaten up very badly.

Because i honestly think its going take, a violent knock-out or a abusive beat down. For him and his team to understand, the human body needs certain things to perform to optimum level.

Toney Bellew lives a life of restriction, at 175. The more you train, the more nutrients, and calories you need to recover and regenerate. I just don't think Tony Bellew has his preparation down to a T, whoever is advising him on his nutrition and preparation..? i don't think they have really looked into this.

I don't care who they are, or what qualifications they have got. Its called human physiology, its basic common knowledge to anybody that knows anything about training and nutrition.

I don't see his performances improving at all.

I am not saying that moving up to CW, will solve his problems. But at-least he will be stronger physically, and healthy.
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