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Default Re: Chauncy Welliver vs Seth Mitchell Let's Do This!

Originally Posted by The MesserStick View Post
The only reason it didn't go off is that Mitchell was buzzed from Chazz still.

If HBO had any problem with Chauncy it is because they don't know **** about HW boxing. Look at their choice for a hype chin at all. They won't even put a match like Klitschko vs Chambers on. They didn't even put Fast Eddie on when he beat down Dimitrenko on 4th of July to set up the Wlad match. They have no clue at all and should be boycotted until they get the **** straight. I cancelled that **** in July and this is the only way to get me back.
only thing you and your favorite boyfriend know about BOXING is how to beat guys nearly 50 by decision (cause he has no power to KO grandfathers), lose to 40 year old guys with 11 losses, and the last HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING thing you guys know so much better than HBO is how the **** is a fight against a guy with 24 losses, 43 years old, and his entire career up until a year ago was about 174 pounds, with no official weight being recorded as he is listed as a cruiserweight. HOW THE **** DOES THAT GET SANCTIONED?? SHAMEFUL and you should be embarrassed...
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