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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

Originally Posted by JamieC View Post
the op with a name like "sufijedi" and trying to claim hes not a big khan fan, we can all see through that, at the end of the day i'd like Froch to rise above as Khan does deserve respect for the heart he shows, he is a true fighter, but Froch is more durable and has proven himself to be the best British boxer since Calzaghe at least, so Khan should also show him a bit of respect and not dig at him, i dont see the need they're not rivals
well i'm not!! yes i'm a muslim of ****stani origins but that dont mean i have to be a fan of Amir Khan.... thats ignorance on your part

I've never rated him as a top boxer although i wish him luck for the future 'representin an dat'

I don't rate Froch too highly either, although i feel his the best in Britain at the moment which says a lot really of how bad things are...

your last comment was so ridiculous it made me laugh.... its Froch that should not dig at him and show some respect not the other way round... theres no need for active boxers to be dissing their own county fighters especially since their not rivals...
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