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Default Re: for good athletes transitioning to boxing, is the chin the biggest factor?

Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
Was it Mitchell's chin? He didn't get knocked out cold, he just took a lot of solid punches. Punches that he didn't have the experience to ride out or to get away from. Mitchell might have a weak chin, but taking solid, direct shots will affect anybody. He didn't just take one shot and collapse, he got hit with a lot of punches.

It's going to be difficult to transition from a sport where athletes plays "tense" for 2-4 second bursts, to a sport where the athlete needs to be "relaxed" while punching and avoiding being punched for 3 minutes at a time. There isn't much carry over from football to boxing other than both sports have contact.

He was fighting Banks who wasn't even a power puncher at Cruiserweight for Christ Sakes. Imagine if that had been Wlad in there last night punching him.

Mitchell had been hurt before by other light punchers. He has a Glass Jaw. This isn't up for debate people. How can you not see this?
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