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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

And if you would have come forward with that type of post then that's fair. But you did NOT. Instead you tried to paint a picture of back room dealings, speculation based on arms length transactions...all trying as you always do to detract from what more than likely were two very legitimate wins by a fighter listed today as the best there ever was. The purpose of your posts are to discredit, not educate. To speculate on unrelated events weaving a inaccurate picture of what really happened.

Both fights formally investigated and no fix found.

Listons shoulder was examined by a total of 8 doctors after fight one and indeed his shoulder was torn. He was given a bad battering...sliced cheekbone, broken nose and a break of his eye orbital. No evidence of a fix watching the fight. Just a super quick young future tag beating a slow aged champion. Been done a hundred times before and since.

Second fight Liston trained like a demon possessed by all accounts. More than likely overtrained. You don't kill yourself in training if a fight is fixed. Liston could not touch Ali in fight one...why would fight 2 be any different? Liston was hit and more than likely hit hard based on the fight film. Experts at ringside stated the punch and resulting ko were legit. Formal investigation after the fight revealed no evidence of a fix.

End of story. Go ahead and start your next string with the sole objective of twisting the truth to discredit Ali.
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