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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
I can explain this quite easily Laz.
When Khan won his medal and turned pro,he was a very humble young man and his conduct in the wake of 7/7 only cemented his position as a fine role model for young athletes,but after the Prescott fight,he changed drastically.
Now you might say he only did what many top boxers do,but to go from where he was,to becoming this arrogant guy who tweeted about his dinners with royalty and various other general "noise ups"
You're not going to maintain the same fan base or standing with the public when you undergo such a radical change,and as he became more successful,he became more arrogant,and when you consider the only real crossover boxing stars are Bruno and Hatton,there was always going to be a backlash.
The whole "Staring down and calling out Bradley" thing is one of the biggest fallacies out there.He only looked until Bradley got near and then his eyes hit the floor like a silly schoolboy.As he tries to call him out there's no eye contact.Add to that the way he kept saying "We called out Morales,Marquez etc" which was another load of poppy****,because making derisory offers to legends which are correctly knocked back and then accusing them of ducking is not the way to win respect.
Boxing would be a poorer place without him but he brings these ****storms on himself.
That's a fantastic post mate, and your completely right.
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