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Default Re: Prime James J. Jeffries vs Jack Johnson

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Jeffries stated publicly and in print ,that should Johnson beat Hart he would NOT fight him.

Read the link.

The consensus was that Johnson won the first 10 rounds of the Hart fight which, as it was a 20 rounder means that he should have received no worse than a draw. George Siler the premier referee of the time watched it from ringside he called Creggains verdict for for Hart "a very strange decision" .

Here is a report of the fight.

You keep regurgitating the fact that Gunboat Smith in his own words "put Johnson nearly through the ropes", in a sparring session .

Gunboat Smith was a big puncher, bigger than Jeffries I should think. Johnson's manager did NOT" halt the fight ", there WAS NO FIGHT IT WAS A SPARRING SESSION .

What the hell being stunned or knocked down by a sparring partner means in evaluating a fighters chances against another fighter escapes me entirely .

Toxie Hall dropped Rocky Marciano flat on his butt with a left hook that dazed Marciano, and Charley Goldman halted the sparring for the day.

Light hitting Jim Corbett is reputed to have kod Jeffries in sparring ,and ringside primary sourced reports of their first fight state he had Jeffries stunned a couple of times in their first fight .

Tyson was dropped by Page among others.

Vitali Klitschko who has a good chin was dropped twice in sparring in 2005 , in short,it means jack ****.

The knockdown of Johnson by Ketchel looks extremely iffy to me, Johnson appears to be falling before the punch connects.

In the first Klondike fight, Johnson is described by George Siler as being half starved he went down from a body shot which was what happened when Simon kod Walcott ,same circumstances, a half starved fighter succumbed to a body attack.

Johnson did not train for O Brien, he could not lose, a six rds no dec against a light hitter?

You keep repeating how exposed he was, there are many, many conflicting versions of that inconsequential 6 rounder.

Jeffries did not weigh over 300lbs, and he had over 18months to get in shape.

When he came back from Carlsbad in October 1909 he was already down to fighting weight ,thats 9 months before the fight. Jeffries did NOT say he would have beaten Johnson in his prime,in his very first interview after being thrashed by Johnson he said this.

Thats three" innacuracies "corrected,[I'm feeling charitable so I'll call them innacuracies, instead of what they really are ,deliberate lies].

Any objective observer [not you of course], evaluating Johnson's draw against Jim Johnson would factor in that the champion broke his left arm early in that fight yet still salvaged a draw.

They might also factor in that Jim Johnson subsequently drew with Langford twice ,and Jeannette twice and beat Jeannette once, beat and drew with Jeff Clark and ko d Pelkey, none of these opponents were boxing with a broken arm as a handicap ,nor had they been out of the ring for over a year and a half , were nearly 36 years old and 22lbs over weight.

those Fultonhistory links don't work. that is a strange site. you have to open the articles in a new tab and then post a link with that site, otherwise, you get directed always to the same front page of the site.
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