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Default Re: Why are American HW fans so obsessed with unskilled power punchers?

Originally Posted by zxcvbnm View Post
Hope is not lost for the HW division in the US. There are a number of terrific skilled prospects who pose a real threat at world level. Malik Scott, Bryant Jennings, Tor Hamer are all very skilled fighters who could go all the way. And Jon Banks showed yesterday that he's a classy fighter too.

Yet venture onto any boxing forum and all you ever see are thread titles like this:

"Is Seth Mitchell The Next Great Heavyweight?"
"How Good Is Deontay Wilder?"

Yet every time someone mentions Malik Scott on here, a fighter who skills-wise is light years ahead of these two bums, the idiots come out on here calling him boring and whining on about his lack of power. This sums up everything that is wrong with the American attitude to the HW division and why Europe is going to dominate the division for the next 20 years at least.

Watch some fights, use your brain and realise that a well-schooled boxer beats a crude ex-footballer every time.
Malik Scott?? Come on man, he's one of these guys who seems satisfied to toil in the minor leagues his entire career, without EVER stepping it up. He's an older version of Deontay Wilder, basically - a guy who makes a career out of fighting tomato cans and journeymen.

Jennings, on the other hand, actually has an upside. But Malik Scott? Puh-leez! He's another one of these guys who feasts on a diet of bums and then wonders why nobody takes him seriously!
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