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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Just so you know, I agree with your reasoning 100%. He's this dominant against all fighters he faces because, quite simply, he's a great heavyweight too. Fighters only rarely dominate their eras this conclusively. Wlad hasn't been seriously challenged, much less pushed, since Sam Peter I. That's an incredibly streak of pure can't be touched unstoppable dominance.

But I'd contribute that a big reason Wlad is more dominant is because he's the best clinching heavyweight of all time . When he gets a hold of you, its better to just wait till the referee pries you off; He's called, in only half jest, the octopus. Just brute strength, or tenacity when he's holding on, which I dont know, but it's incredibly stifling.

Nobody has a prayer at range, and they don't have the strength to work inside. You aren't going to win many rounds.
I agree with the majority of your points in this thread, though I'll have to take exception to the bold. From my ringside perspective I'm just not sure that letting the ref break you up is the right thing to do with Wlad. Wlad isn't passive in the clinch, he's constantly working, and especially if you're a shorter fighter he sort of d****s himself over you, forcing you to bear his weight. Against Mormeck he was actively pushing down on Mormeck's shoulders which, had Mormeck been a better fighter, would have taken its toll in the later rounds.

As much as Haye got stick for his constant flopping to the floor, somehow I think he had the right idea. Getting clinched up and leaned on by Wlad seems like it would be incredibly draining, and mentally stifling as well, since if your whole game is to work your way inside and once you've done so find yourself unable to work at all it must make you think, "What the hell was the point?" Chambers's throws seemed to shake Wlad up a bit too, though that's obviously impractical to do for any length of time.

I actually think a fighter has the best chance by fighting at range, and not trying to work their way inside, or if they are, realising that they only have a narrow window in which to land meaningful shots before they're tied up. I've yet to see any opponent make a serious attempt to go to Wlad's body, so that might be an option as well. Maybe even a few low blows in the clinch to dissuade him wouldn't be be bad idea too.

I don't know, I'm just throwing things out there. What we do know is that the Wlad riddle is a lot harder to figure out than it at first glance appears.
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