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Default Re: Featured Fight : Broner (10) vs DeMarco (5) - Whats your prediction?


Nice work on the rankings BEAST!

Yes, lets have featured fights be worth 2 points

As for underdog picks being worth more, im gonna say no for now but maybe Ill change it in the future. Right now I dont want to influence anyones picks more then they already are in terms of who they are truly picking, and I think getting extra points for underdogs would make more people choose the underdog then normally would, which in turn would result in less accurate numbers on who really thought who was going to win for a featured fight. One of the reasons I like featured fights is to see the feelings of fightfans on how certain fights were gonna go down.

But who knows, maybe Ill change it in the future, for now lets just go with featured fights being worth double points.
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