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Default Re: Featured Fight : Broner (10) vs DeMarco (5) - Whats your prediction?

Hey guys, I was thinking of one last idea for the WBK (the new title)...

Im going to make a suggestion, but if it doesnt sit right, we can easily s**** it and keep it the way we have already decided on, lets think of this as the last idea, and if it doesnt feel right we can go ahead as planned with the WBK.

Right now we have a yearly title..... which is the League Champion. Only one poster gets crowned a year for that.

And we have a semi weekly title.... the peoples championship. In theory, that title can change hands every week.

So I was thinking, we could make the WBK a monthly title, instead of another weekly one. It would make it a tad less watered down because there would be less champs, and it would be a new concept that I kinda wanted to do in terms of pitting two posters against eachother.

so heres the idea


We would take the rankings that Beast just did, and wheover got the highest points would challenge Beast for the WBK title.

This is how it would go.

Starting this week, until the end of the month (november), I will choose 5 fights and put them on the WBK page.

From now, until the end of the month, the two posters are duking it out against eachother in those 5 picks. (5 for this month, because its already halfway done) a normal month for the WBK title will be 10 fights.

Ok, so, I put the 5 fights on the board, and the two posters have to make their picks on those fights.

Whoever picks those selected fights the best over the course of the month, is crowned the WBK champion for that month.

If the fights picked are a tie, we will then move onto who picked the right fights the most accurate. So whoever picked the closest round if theres a KO (hence the need for a specific KO round).


So, the winner between the two for that month is crowned, and will go down as that months official WBK champion.

His 1st defense will be a voluntary defense against anyone of his choice as long as they accept.

Should he win that, his 2nd defense (also the 2nd month holding the title) will be against the person who had the best record in the previous month (not for the year, but for that specific month)


Let me know what you guys think. If not, we can keep the every week system. I just think having it this way will be something much different (as it really pits two guys against eachother for an entire month), will be a little less watered down in that its harder to earn the belt, and will also be easier to upkeep as instead of having to pump out rankings for every week you only have to do it every month. ect, ect.

But, its just a suggestion/thinking out loud.... doesnt matter to me either way, both ways are solid.

Just let me know.
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