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Default Re: Broner vs Burns ? Yeah or No ?

Originally Posted by dwighttsharpe View Post
Makes sense...

If one is trying to rationalize not making the fight!

Look, HBO was already on board for the last fight. Not barely 2 months ago, shortly before or after the Mitchell fight, Burns and his promoter were speaking of wanting to come to Vegas. I'm pretty sure I saw an interview then of him explaining why he backed out of the Broner fight. The only issue was his weight. That is no longer a factor. When he ko'd Mitchell, he was a world beater.

Ah, but those were the good ol' days, for Ricky.
Not sure what your point is.Are you suggesting I don't want this fight to happen?
I don't have HBO so you'll have to excuse me if I don't know that they're big Ricky Burns fans.
Everyone who likes Burns wants this fight.Saying that it might not happen is only being realistic.Can you see Broner giving Burns parity in his next fight?
You clearly haven't kept up with events or you'd know that the vast majority of Burns' fans are weary of his promoter and his motives.The last thing he wants at this stage is for Ricky to fight Broner over there.

As for the "world beater" comment,I'm pretty sure you already know that I'm not on any bandwagon when it comes to Ricky Burns.
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