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Default Re: for good athletes transitioning to boxing, is the chin the biggest factor?

Originally Posted by BlueBottle View Post
Watching Seth Mitchell yesterday can we say one of the biggest adjustments an athlete from another sport going into boxing is the ability to take a punch? Is it more than an adjustment then genetics?
I'd say their willing ability to learn and apply that knowledge in the ring is more important than any physical abilities. Boxing is a mental sport, first and foremost, not a physical one. This is why I don't have any respect for the NFL argument regarding the lack of American heavyweights; it just doesn't hold any water either historically or when you look at the qualities needed to succeed in the sport itself.

Sergio Martinez remains the only high profile fighter who came to boxing at a late age from another sport (soccer and cycling) and found success, and his chin isn't the reason he's done so.
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