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Default Re: Dan Rafael? Opinionated journalist or bias moron?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
Haye and Booth offered him an interview to tell their side of the story with the brothers and he didn't reply. And yes, when they saw him at a fight, he more or less bolted.

He's all right - a good writer, excellent networks, and can generally see the business side of things clearly. But he's basically a columnist, spewing out his opinions as if they're fact. Which is a shame, because when he does investigative articles he's actually very astute.
Most of Dan's marerial these days is rewritten press releases. I get most of the same releases so I know this, but much of the public doesn't and thinks Dan is going out and getting these quotes, etc. He never indicates it when he's using a press release.

He's grown arrogant and lazy these days, which is why he steals the work of other writers and passes it off as his own. Believe me, he's got a lot of enemies in boxing writer land.

I knew one guy, a trainer, who used to email back and forth with Dan, and one time the guy dared to disagree with him on something, and Dan quit talking to him, instantly. That's how thin-skinned he is.
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