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Default Re: DANNY GREEN vs SHANE CAMERON 2012-11-21

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
he's a multi millionaire who doesnt give a **** about any of you. he tried to help briggs. as it turned out, it was better if he just gave him the cash. i bet he wished he did. maybe he did? maybe briggs said no i'll do my best and earn it? we'll never know.

but danny knew what he was in for. he was helping an aussie mate. i cant fault him in that. you may bring up fans etc, but fans are taken for a ride by most fighters at one time or another. you want pity? pity demori or wellivers fans.....

Thanks for the stating the obvious mate, I'm aware he wouldn't give a **** about any of us or the sport, if he did, maybe he wouldn't be such a catchweight clown and poison to the sport of boxing and would've actually stayed retired. He's been exposed more than once but yet you'll still back him as a classic hometown fighter, I know you'll give me the rap about what he's done for the sport in OZ and blah blah, still doesn't change the fact he's a fraud.
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