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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

I have watched Tony from the start of his pro career and as a fellow scouser have hoped he does well. Thing is, I am starting to have some serious doubts. I think being a fellow scouser I have always believed with my heart that he will go all the way. But there has always been this underlying feeling that he is just not good enough. Who has he beaten to say he can go far? Miranda? Come on, Miranda was washed up and turned up for a payday. Bolonti? Who? Danny Mcintosh? British level.

Bellew to me is just to predictable at times and he is slow as heck. I still hope he goes far but I just do not think he can compete with the top boys. He goes on about bolonti being 5 with the wbc. Nice job of fooling the public tony. Yes you were telling the truth, but overall, bolonti is something like #24 in the world.
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