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Default Re: Does anybody wanna see Froch v Cleverley?

Originally Posted by ****Bandit View Post
Youve never even placed a vCash bet ****er, you have the 500 you start with. Talking about your vCash when you havent even used it.

139 isn't 139,000 either ****wit.

Cleverly would get destroyed. **** fight.

I'm sorry, but your narrow minded ignorance has shone through on so many levels here

1) You've clearly never read a copy of team elites deliciously water-tight Vcash policy. The 500 marker indicated on a team elite members profile is an indicator that a minion must match before they are eligable to enter into debate with a Team Elite member. You only have a vcash total of 488 so your infact not even qualified to be debating with me such is your clear lack of boxing knowledge

2) Everyone knows that Team Elite members have their vcash totals measured in thousands to help the electrical esb counters cope with the huge demand from minions to read the latest snippets of team elite information. You will notice that in the past 30 mins, there has been a further 3,000 views of my profile

3) Clev wouldn't get destroyed, he is superior to froch in every single department. To anyone with an ounce of intelligence, it is obvious that Robert McCracken would be forced to throw in the towel to save Froch from further punishment in the latter rounds as Cleverly unloads 7 and 8 piece combinations flush into the gormless chops of Carl Froch has he lays defenceless on the ropes in a similar fashion to that of Frank Bruno
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