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Default Re: Jose Napoles 'The Mark of Brilliance'

Sunday - October 30, 1966

Arena - San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Attendance; 3100

Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles, returns to the ring after 2-months, after
suffering a cut-eye (L TKO 4) to American - LC Morgan.

The 26 year-old - 'Mantequilla' has dropped from the #1 to the #5
Light-Welterweight, as a result of the loss.

Jose was supposed to fight LC Morgan in a rematch, but the American was
stopped (L KO 6) by Battling Torres in Reynosa, Mexico on October 1st.

Jose's 'return-to-the-ring' opponent, is a replacement - 27 year-old California
tough-guy, Jimmy 'Buckskin' Fields, a steel-chinned Lightweight with a
deceiving record of 16-12-5 (6 KO's). Jimmy Fields has never been floored
or stopped in his 7-year, '33' bout career, and warns 'Mantequilla' that he's
here to finish what LC Morgan started.

The Fight;

In the 1st-Round, 'Buckskin' (135 lbs.) makes his clam come true, when he floors
Jose Napoles (140 lbs.), with a sharp right-hand counter. Napoles is up at the 3-Count,
and his somehwhat stunned, but gathers his wits within a few seconds, and
boxes out of harms way, as Fileds pursues.

It takes Napoles a few Rounds to figure out the straight right-hand counter
punches from the surprisingly strong Fields, but by Round 5, 'Mantequilla'
slowly takes over.

In Round 8, Napoles buckles the legs of Fields with a barrage of punches, and
has the Californian hanging on throughout the last 40-seconds of the Round.

Napoles, who has a small cut over his left eye, from a right-hand by Fields in
Round 8, stalks a hurt Fields, and rakes him over with 3-punch assualts, and
pins the fading Californian along the ropes. With 20-seconds left in Round 9,
Jimmy Fields takes a knee (the first time in his career he's ever been down).

Fields gets up at the 8-Count, and survives until the bell.

In the 'final round', Napoles attacks with a steady assortment of left-rights to
both the head and body. Fields does all he can to hold on, but he takes a battering
as he is kept pinned along the ropes. As the round comes to a close, Fields is
helpless as Napoles scores with hard punches on his head, finally dropping him
onto the lower rope strand, when the Referee stops the bout with 5-Seconds left at
2:55 of Round 10.

Jose Napoles improves to 47-4-0 (29 KO's)

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