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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Funny but I just watched a overweight 40 year old 5'11 Sherman Williams (who is not a puncher) stagger 6"7 Robert Hellenus and a lot of the reasons put forth here are size and Robert who is a puncher could not get off vs the smaller man ...I do not think R.H. is in the class of Klitschko but when a real puncher connect to any chin you never know

After watching Johnathan Banks dispatch the mighty muscled Seth Mitchell and would love to see how the svelt Ezzard Charles with a few more lbs of muscle would do these days

Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of the Klitschko's and I think Vlad has improved with each fight. I think he displayed a great variety of punches vs Wach, it was a showcase fight. The Klitschko's are also very fit but in a 15 round fight fought at a fast pace I can see an ATG like Marciano making him work and Marciano's power, Walcott KO (right hand) Layne KO (Layne proved to be tough chinned before this) some of the Moore battery, can not be discounted...this is a very tough fight for Vlad despite his size and it only takes one snowball to start an avalanche, another question is it 12 or 15 rounds

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