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Default Re: Now Anderson Silva says he will fight whoever the UFC wants, GSP or Jon Jones

Originally Posted by The Spider View Post
Spider would be mad if he didn't cash in big time for these two fights. The size of the cake would be huge for either and he's entitled to an extra large helping.
I salivate for those fights. And really Silva said its up to Dana so he would fight either though he never really "confirmed" it.

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Also, I am going to stop talking to you because you have said GPS every single time.

Indeed. Hut knows nothing about GSP. Would reply to him but I dont wanna risk the high chance of getting dumber. Hope that didn't happen to you man.

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Very fortunate ?.... why ?... this isn`t boxing, the best don`t usually duck the best.

On a side note, I`d much rather Silva-Jones because GSP will get stopped cold by Anderson, nothing we haven`t seen happen to GSP before.... if Silva & Jones fight, you are guaranteed to see a result you have never seen before.

Back to back fights vs both should be the way forward here, if not then let GSP have a grudge match vs Diaz & make the mega fight between Silva & Jones I say.
I'd say if one were to be made it should be Silva/Jones aswell which Ive said earlier. Both men havent been stopped and both are undefeated and beat top names doing so(Jones still dominated Hamill).

Call me crazy but I'd rather see GSP fight Hendricks then a few months later Jones/Silva with Silva retiring. Hell yeah I would see back to back fights but I dont wanna build up hope for that only to get it poked.

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I'd rather see GSP-Hendricks first.

All Diaz has done lately is **** up a signed fight with GSP, lose to the guy GSP just dominated, and get suspended for being a moron.

In the same span of time, Hendricks has knocked out two top-5 guys in one minute combined, and taken a hard-fought decision over a crafty veteran. He's vaulted over Diaz. Diaz needs to get back in line and do something - he hasn't earned an immediate fight vs GSP.

Unless he talks his way unto a title shot
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