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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by hookfromhell View Post
Bowe was shot for their second fight and showed mad heart by battling
like a warrior. Golota had the skills and I would say his chin is comparable
to Wlads. If Golota can establish his jab and not be a headcase he has a shot.
I believe Wlad stops him in 3, Golota would get stunned with the first right hand
and get finished with a left hook. Would Wlad be more agressive cause he knew
Golota was a nutpunching headcase? I always felt Lewis came out super agressive
because he knew how dangerous and unbalanced Golota was. I mean Lenny
Liked to bomb out big guys early but Golota was "special".
how could he not be a headcase ? he is a headcase period, he can't face adversity
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