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Default Re: what irritates you most about on-air boxing ****ysts...

Originally Posted by Mrtibbs View Post
Harrold Ledermans scorecards and general perception of a fight....

Everything he says i seem to disagree with. As well as his annoying voice. And his scorecards? Dont get me started. Sometimes its like he is watching a different fight. Either that or smoking crack. Oh and.....

Larry Mechant in general

I dont hate the guy or anything, but come on. Hes too old to hold a decent interview. He mumbles, doesnt make sense, and allows his bias to come over in his interviews, which IMO is a big no no.

And generally I also get fed up with ****ysts that keep telling me stuff that i already know, and quite frankly anyone with a brain and eyes can see. This is why i think i like Roy Jones so much. He gives his opinion on what he thinks a fighter is going through and his possible thought process. Things that to me, not being a fighter wont have incite into.

As i said before I also hate clear Bias. Even if i hate a fighter i can see still see him for him, and not let my hatred cloud my vision. I feel some ****ysts, who have the honour of commentating cant even hide their dislike for certain fighters. Again an example if Larry Merchant interviewing Floyd. Hes so negative about everything.

Just my thoughts.
Lettermen had Toney vs Jirov a draw...... Toney schooled him then topped it off with a KD and I think Jirov lost a point fir a lil blow in a round he lost and Lettermen scored it 9-9. All because Jirov was coming forward throwing useless punches that were getting blocked and then getting countered hard. He's such a pressure *****.
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