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Default Re: Dan Rafael? Opinionated journalist or bias moron?

The guy scored Ortiz/Berto for Berto. I don't think we need to go into how qualified he isn't or how biased he is. His history speaks for itself. He's completely biased and often has no idea what the hell he is talking about or what happened within the fight he's just watched. To a shocking degree. However, boxing coverage is horrible amongst the major sports. How often do you see a news source getting weight classes and records wrong when reporting outcomes of major fights? I mean, something no one who can find boxrec should have a problem with and they're journalists. It's sad. The fact that Rafael is the main ESPN guy speaks volumes and says nothing particularly good.

Originally Posted by Boxing****yst View Post
I don't mind him, he can be an annoying **** at times but he clearly loves the sport is quick with the boxing news, he also doesn't mince his words, I loved seeing him rip the **** out of Frank W.
...Yet, I cannot argue with that.
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