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Default Re: HBO WCB: Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco & Seth Mitchell vs. Johnathan Banks RB

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
There are most definitely angles on the inside, you look at elite in-fighters and they are working them constantly, like Ward, B-Hop, old tapes of Frazier, and old types of young Tyson, you can see Duran and JCC Sr. using angles on the inside as well.
SouthPawJab is actually right about most of what he's saying. When you're on the inside, there's not much room for the righty/lefty dynamic and using a young Tyson isn't a great example of proving him wrong. He stood square with both shoulders facing his opponent. I think that's what SouthPawJab was trying to say. It actually takes away the advantage that a lefty would have for the most part.

Broner didn't begin walking DeMarco down until later on in the fight. I believe it was around the sixth round or so. Up until that point, Demarco came right at Broner and stood on the inside with him. In doing so, Demarco took away any advantages that he might have had against Broner, because he was the taller, longer and slower of the two.

As for Mayweather, he doesn't usually abandon his shoulder roll against lefties. He abandoned it against Zab more than usual, because of Zab's speed, but he mostly stayed with it against Mitchell, Corley and Oritz. He used it mostly during the second half of the Corley fight and almost all of the other two fights.

Using the portion of the Ortiz fight that you used for your argument is also flawed. Mayweather was caught out of position when he was throwing a counter shot. Ortiz threw a right hook that caught Floyd while he was leaning in. From that point, Mayweather was unable to get into his natural position so he put up his high guard and tried to create distance like he used to do at junior ligtweight, but he backed right into the ropes.

His body was squared up because of that, not because he was using the high guard. When someone is throwing a ton of punches at you when you're out of position, it would be stupid to try and get into Mayweather's normal boxing stance. Especially against a southpaw, you may find yourself in a position to get hit by a right hook that's difficult to see if you choose a bad time to try and adjust.
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