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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Originally Posted by garymcfall View Post
He had a massive ego, tried to play up a "man of the people, normal bloke down the pub" image but his head really disappeared up his own **** after about 2006. Just look at the amount of interviews where he constantly refers to himself in the third person, and points out the fact that everybody loves him because he's such a normal guy all the time.

That level of false modesty will always annoy people.
this is one of many reasons. Infact I don't see anything to like about him, he's just a mug.

Ducked Witter for years.

Cherrypicked fights in a carefully stage-manager career.

Man United fan (he's been pictured many times in the boxes at The Theatre of Prawn Sandwiches with United players) yet clamied to be a City fan, to prey on the large and success-starved fanbase to ultimately line his pockets.

Constantly referring to himself in 3rd person and toe-curling false modesty. Massive ego, deluded about his real level.

****, ugly fighting style yet the way he talks he really seems to believe he's a great entertainer.

There's loads more reasons, if you wanna hear them??
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