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Default Re: ***** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 *****

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
You are talking the way to determine the winner between the WBK Champion and WBK Mandatory. I like the use the Ko Round to make it easier to pick a winner. Also SD, MD could be used.
Way you need to put 5 or 10 fights? You can use the normal list you got now. While the others participants fight for the status of Mandatory and next in line in for the WBK title, The #1 Contender and the Champion can use the same fight list to determine the winner.
I'm for the title to be challenge on weekly basis. I think It will produce more excitement and more "fighters" to be involved and able to challenge for the WBK. To wait a month would be a bit to much for my taste, it would also mean you have 12 fights in your whole career(year). Maybe you could make it once two weeks, IDK.
Or you could make #1 Ranked from week 1 to fight #1 ranked of week 2 in an Eliminator who would take place in week 3 and the winner fight the Champion in week 4. While Champion could take a voluntary from week 3 and week 4 (the best as the one with more points or his choice)

Haven't finish reading the whole thing.
Just an idea Kirk, don't take it like I want it badly. Just a suggestion.
I don't know myself what's better. That's why we have you.
It can be like this.
#1 ranked from week 5 fights #1 ranked from week 6 [WBK Mandatory]
Winner is decided in week 7 and fight's for the title in week 8 against the Champion.
Now the Champion needs to do something in those tree weeks that these all happen (week 5/6/7)
So in week 5 the Champion get to chose from winner of week 3 and 4, or is forced to fight the fighter with more points between these two.
Week 1 and 2 already fought each other resulting a winner who challenged him in week 4[another Mandatory]
Now weeks 6 and 7 remain to be filled with something.

Week 1 : Title is Vacant Rankings are sorted #1 Contender[jdr] fights #4 Contender [BeastsideBoxing]
Week 2 : #1 from this week get's a spot in week's 3 Eliminator
Week 3 : #1 from this week gets the second spot in week's 3 Eliminator
Week 4 : #1 in Week 2 vs #1 in Week 3 - winner Becomes Mandatory
Week 5 : Champion vs Mandatory decided in Week 4
Week 6 : Champion vs pics voluntary from Week #1 from Week 4-Week 5
Champion vs Most Point Week 4 vs Week 5
Weel 7 : Champion gets to choose from All Time Standings Top 10 (Cumulated from Week's 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc while time passes on)
Week 8 : Champions fights best of Week 5 and 6 Eliminator winner who took place in Week 7.

Do I make any sense....
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