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Default Re: ***** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 *****

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
Just an idea Kirk, don't take it like I want it badly. Just a suggestion.
I don't know myself what's better. That's why we have you.
It can be like this.
#1 ranked from week 5 fights #1 ranked from week 6 [WBK Mandatory]
Winner is decided in week 7 and fight's for the title in week 8 against the Champion.
Now the Champion needs to do something in those tree weeks that these all happen (week 5/6/7)
So in week 5 the Champion get to chose from winner of week 3 and 4, or is forced to fight the fighter with more points between these two.
Week 1 and 2 already fought each other resulting a winner who challenged him in week 4[another Mandatory]
Now weeks 6 and 7 remain to be filled with something.

Week 1 : Title is Vacant Rankings are sorted #1 Contender[jdr] fights #4 Contender [BeastsideBoxing]
Week 2 : #1 from this week get's a spot in week's 3 Eliminator
Week 3 : #1 from this week gets the second spot in week's 3 Eliminator
Week 4 : #1 in Week 2 vs #1 in Week 3 - winner Becomes Mandatory
Week 5 : Champion vs Mandatory decided in Week 4
Week 6 : Champion vs pics voluntary from Week #1 from Week 4-Week 5
Champion vs Most Point Week 4 vs Week 5
Weel 7 : Champion gets to choose from All Time Standings Top 10 (Cumulated from Week's 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc while time passes on)
Week 8 : Champions fights best of Week 5 and 6 Eliminator winner who took place in Week 7.

Do I make any sense....

Seems interesting beast, I have to take off right now but when I get back we will hash it out We will get this ironed out within the next day or so.
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