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Default Broner is not more agressive then mayweather

1ST OFF,..
look up the punch stats
total punches landed,..and per round punch stats.
math dont lie.

have any of yall even seen mayweather fights before hatton or de la hoya?

of course as money may has fought bigger guys his k.o.'s has gone down
thats normal.

when mayweather was in the lower wieght class he was banging more
then broner was,

i have many boxers career sets,.including mayweather.
and if u go look at his past fights u will learn
that what these haters and trolls say is not facts.

*when he fought corley was a great banger and displayed great chin.

*when he fought diego corrales,..diego was undefeated and money dropped him 5 times.

*when he fought arturo gatti,..that was 1 of the most brutal beatdowns ever.

*when he fought agustus was another banger

*when mayweather fought chavez,he was banging.the lead up to the chavez fight was saying its a supa fight,,u can go back and listen to the audio and comentators.

just had to let some people or newbies know some facts,.cause they can get very confussed by the lies and misinformation on mayweather
provided by his haters, europeans mad that he wooped hatton ass
and pacroid fans (that will soon troll the **** out of this thread with hate) that know he will woop pacroid.

iam a broner fan,but,lets be honest
he is a 147 ponder hitting skinny lightwieghts.
and if demarco was considered the #1 lightwieght,.
then that division is embarassing.
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