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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
Haye fights nothing like Marciano. That's why he was able to go the distance. Or are you suggesting that Marciano would do what Haye did? I'd say he couldn't if he wanted to. And Marciano is not better than Haye at everything. Marciano is definitely NOT harder to hit from the outside. Haye also has better hand speed and foot speed. I don't think Marciano is a harder puncher than Haye either, probably the other way around.
I agree to a point, Haye fought to survive which is why he lasted, Marciano would be fighting to win that alone shows you the difference between the fighters. However, that's what I think it would take to beat Wlad, to fight him, not do what Haye did stay on the outside eating punches then blindly lunging in every so often to throw a wild punch. Marciano didn't fight on the outside, every second of every round Marciano was trying to get in close, in order to unleash a barrage of bombs. Haye even tho he went the distance had the absolute worst game plan possible against Wlad by staying on the outside on the end of Wlads jab and yet he still survived. Marciano will be bobing and weaving to get inside, and to fight on the inside something Wlad hasn't proven he's able to do effectivley. Win, Lose or Draw Marciano would give an infinitely better account of himself than Haye.

Haye's feet and handspeed although certainly faster than Marciano accounted for nothing against Wlad other than to run away something you admitted Marciano wouldn't be doing. Marciano's power seemed to be more devastating but it might be able to be argued any way. Marciano certainly throws a HELL of alot more punches tho.
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