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Default Re: Broner Vs. Gamboa 135/140lbs

Originally Posted by Beenie View Post
Broner, with his considerably longer reach, I think would be able to control distance if necessary over the course of a long fight to win on the cards.
I'd favor him to win by stoppage simply because his power, and his general offensive acumen, ought be able to exploit Gamboa's punch resistance at the higher weight.

Two of my faves, btw, and would love to see the fight.

no way bro!
what the **** makes u think that??
cause broner stopped elloy perez and rodriguez??gtfoh!..haha

who the **** has broner fought ????

gamboa resume is way better then broners
wins over salido,barros,ponce de leon,solis
thats atleast 4 significant wins

broner has only 1 in ponce de leon.
demarco doesnt count he was way overhyped.
and some people believe ponce de leon beat broner
plus gamboa beat de leon more soundly then broner did.

as far as how the fight would go
gamboa would not stand in front of him like these tomato cans
that broner has fought,..if de leon had succes moving
and boxing broner,..what u think gamboa would do to him??.
lmao!! he would kill him with boxing.
gamboa would dance on him with ease,.if de leon landed a few lefts
with gamboas speed he would abuse broner...
.he would nullify his counter punching with gamboas speed and footwork.
broner is 23,no gold medal,..gamboa is 30 with a gold medal,.the experiance factor would also give gamboa the upper hand,..
also the fact that gamboa has fought tougher opponents gives him advantage.
plus we havent seen wat broner chin is made of
if gamboa lands a shot its guranteed sleepy time.

i know that gamboa hasnt fought in a while,..but yall are quick to forget
this guy gamboa only comes around every 50 years ,.if ever.

i like broner,..but gamboa would eat him alive.

gamboa by UD.
late K.O.
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