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Default Re: Use of the forearm in the Shoulder Roll Defense

Can be dirty or clean tactic within the style with the fighter determining that. As said Toney fought clean within the shell while Mayweather is dirty as hell elbow striking opponents and pulling their necks down. Just part of the sport. If people want it to be "squeky clean" get it banned but better yet don't watch it.

Some outboxers like Holmes would hold their hand out and move their opponent which is a foul too for instance. Just depends on who does a certain style and how they apply their tactics to it. Also who refs the fights and if they kiss up. Some people will always foul to get their way just part of any sport with physical contact really. Cornerbacks in the NFL may hold the receiver slowing them down. A defensive perimeter player in the NBA would hold their opposing scoring pg/sg jersey. I could go on.
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