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Default Re: Broner is going to massacre burns

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Burns best chance to win from outside, moment Broner gets inside Ricky just puts the earmuffs on and Broner bangs to body Ricky's in for a world of hurt. Both are good punchers to the body BTW but Broner would rip Ricky a new one in the pocket.

Burns needs to get them feet moving like strictly come dancing and plan to do hit and run job because the moment those feet get stuck in the mud he's in serious ish.

Broner's not the lightest on feet, little sloppy with his balance but he's got the half step out which will trouble Burns who tends to reach at times and may get caught with sharp counters with right hand,left hook and right uppercut.

Burns needs to throw straight punches in bunches. But how long can he stay on the run for because even against Moses and Katsidis he started to slow and stand ground more. Ricky fights tall, Demarco did last night and paid the price even at range. I don't see the Demarco fight like some on here. I never felt Antonio ever looked comfortable or as ''in'' the fight as some do. He was competitive without being really effective..

For me Broner wins, Burns puts up a better effort then Demarco but don't be shocked if Broner gets Burns to play to his tune in there. Broner UD or late stoppage but i favor the UD cos Ricky is tough, real tough.
ricky moves in with his feet when he has to, broner plants his feet and moves backwards laterally to defend. bad move vs burns

De Marco didn't fight tall at all, he fought Broners figbt, leaned in, ate the uppercuts.. in fact, the article on the front page says a lot

"Unfortunately for DeMarco, he fought a courageous but stupid fight. He gave up his height and reach advantage. He failed to establish his jab and punch in combinations. It wasn’t that Broner took it away, he simply gave it away. More over, when he moved (which wasn’t often), he moved to his left into Broner’s power. Most of the time he failed to establish any kind of range or distance beneficial to him."
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