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Default Re: Broner Vs. Gamboa 135/140lbs

Originally Posted by kasperlokz13 View Post
gamboa would get knocked out cold. Gamboa has never fought someone that can match his speed and he's been floored by lesser fighters. On top of that he's smaller. I don't know why people keep bringing up this fight for broner. Almost a mismatch.
bro stop hating.hate is a disease.get it out ya blood.

Its obvious u are a full blown hater
by seeing your avatar is rios,..who abril dominated.

Bieng a hater is not good for your health.its a disease.

As far as gamboa bieng floored,..
He has never been dropped.

Out of the 4 officialy called knockdowns,.all of them were wrong calls.
2 of them were slips.(salido & dejesus)
1 of them was an elbow,which is illegal (ramirez)
and 1 was were he was off balance and dude pushed him and his glove touched the floor(jimenez)

all flash and not real knockdowns
so gtfoh wit all that floored bull****.

Face the fact that if abrill made your lover boy rios
look like a c-class bum,..
Gamboa would beat the **** out of your lover.

Stop hating.and get ya facts straight brfore i own u again.
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