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Default Re: Broner> the overrated Valero

Originally Posted by Royal-T-Bag View Post
ok instead of being bitter ***gots that are mad about Broner taking over boxing, how bout you tell me why Broner beat a better version of Demarco with greater ease, throwing less punches and actually knocing him down?? Also why don't you tell me what Valero does better than Broner? Valero never did **** but KO a buncha tomato cans. most overrated fighter ever, he woulda got picked apart by the likes of Marquez or Broner- he was one dimensional and his best win just got one upped by a 23 year old. boom
He was over-rated, but you could tell DeMarco feared him much more than he did Broner, which is what done him in ironically vs Broner
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