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Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Notice how nothing has been mentioned from Team Greeny that this fight is at another joke catchweight. Their just hoping that their mong fans won't notice I suppose.
There is an article that was published yesterday and it has comments from people who have read it, one bloke said it was at catchweight blah blah then a gronk Green fan comes along and posts saying its not at catchweight

Lindy Adams There is no catch weight in this fight. The CW limit of 200 pounds stands. Green fought Tarver and Wlodarczyk at 200. Jones wanted the 185 limit, as did Siaca. Briggs was never a 200 pounder. Flores wanted massive dough, really unreasonable money for an untested fighter as he was then (and still is) and so the Green camp said "ok you want a payday- on our terms". Cameron dropped down 18 months ago and had 3 fights at 200, winning the Commonwealth title in the process. He is accustomed to the weight, there aren't any weight draining issues here. No smoke and mirrors Chris......

Chris Healey Top Commenter
unfortunately, green has again offered cash incentives (like he did with flores, briggs and siaca) for his opponent to drain to a certain weight for the fight - or fight for peanuts
its bad enough green advertises himself as a legit 3 time world champion (which he isnt), its even worse that he can fight for a 'title' at a catchweight and be gifted a CW title doing it !assuming cameron complies and weight drains for the extra $$$, you can expect his punch resistance to be down and he'll get KO'd
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