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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
If you think Wlad is skilled in classic boxing then you need to get a better understanding of what great boxing skills are all about. Wlad does not exhibit great boxing skills..period. Walking statue with very questionable wiskers and very questionable courage. No fighter with a questionable chin and questionable courage can be called an all time great fighter. The guy was koed by the breeze from Purities punches...stagger all over the ring dropping in sections, looking for the exits type of knockdowns. Same with Brewster, same with Sanders....but no way Rocky Marciano beats Wlad? If these three zeros can do it why can't a world class all time great champion do the same?
Yes, it's well possible that Marciano takes him out. He has the power to do so.

Regarding Wlad's stamina, that's changed a lot. He lost the Purrity and Brewster fights purely because of it - both times he rarely got hit even when he was falling all over the place before being stopped. He used to have very wrong training habits. A lot of weight lifting and sparring 4 intense rounds but rarely more. When he hooked up with Steward, that changed and he trained like a classic boxer. It showed: since then he's shown good stamina. Against Peter he wasn't caught on the ropes a single time during all 12 rounds while maintaining 40-50 punches a round. Against Chambers and Thompson he showed late round power to still score a KO.
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