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Default Re: Is Donald Curry underated?

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
So what about Curry vs McCallum?..what happened, Why did it end so brutal for Curry?
I thought even though it was a good matchup, Curry was rushed into it a little and Mike was peaking at 154. They were going to fight prior to Curry losing to Honeyghan, and McCallum called him Curry chicken. I thought those two fights prior to Mike with the headbutt DQs wins for Curry, told me Curry was not strong enough at 154 for a top guy like McCallum. Mike was just a little stronger mentally and physically, and even though Curry was beating him to the punch, Mike was patient and waited for the opportunity, and when a guy is stronger and bigger physically, he can set up that one punch knockout since one punch can make the difference. Curry moving back and also having to lift his head up to see Mike with that swollen eye made him vulnerable to that left. What a punch. I remember watching it and when Donald went down it was almost surreal. That is what a one punch knockout is. Hearns had one punch knockouts like James Shuler, but Duran and Cuevas were knockouts after he had landed for two rounds clean punches. Mike's punch on Donald was totally out of the blue for a viewers perspective, although McCallum set later he set him up, and when you see it, it does look like was a set up. Mike left his feet to land it. That is commitment to a punch.
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