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Default Re: Sonny Liston - Had To Lose In Lewiston, Maine

Originally Posted by D9Garrard View Post
Absolutely. I trust the NYBC with all my little innocent heart just like HOUDINI. Why would honorable men in suits and ties possibly overlook any crime, corruption, or graft?

Boxing is a completely pure sport full of honest, virtuous, and pure hearted individuals who would never, never, never, never do anything shady to maximize profits and further their own business interests. In fact, Sonny Liston himself became purified in heart the moment he became an official "professional boxer" and completely repented of a life of hustling and lying as did his handlers and managers.

And when did any State Commission ever find proof of a fix? See, further proof that there has never ever, ever, ever been one instance where a fighter took a dive, mobsters paid off an opponent, or judges took an envelope on the sly to deliver a favorable scorecard.

I'm so glad the ESB "Genius" came along to grace us with his brilliance.

Now that you're done, HOUDINI, I think the adults can return to discussing this subject.

Originally Posted by groove View Post
ali was saying to liston get up you good for nothing bum ya aint gonna quit on me a 2nd time! ali was fuming cuz he knew liston wanted to quit once he hit the floor.
Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
In the post-fight interview Ali didn't even know what to say when he was asked "what punch did you hit him with?", he was stumped for words. I think his first guess was a left hook.
You can hear him shouting at his entourage "don't say nothing ! don't say nothing !" (meaning don't say anything.)
Immediately post-fight this is.

R "HOUDINI" , "Ali_" , "Stevie G" , "johnmaff36" , "Solomon deeds" ol de seim ?
Or did "Bokaj" start at least 1 of them in order 2 "save face" (or save integrity) of his original account ? or r there actually 2-3 different ppl there running these 6 accounts ("Bokaj" included) .

Most of those who've seen de fight live thought that it was a fix , including most of fighters in attendance , Ali (himself) thought that it was a dive (but will probably claim that it was legit in a hindsight if interviewed/asked about it ) , almost every boxing commission in de world that mattered and even some of those that less mattered banned Liston as soon as after de 1st fight , and Liston's (and his handlers') reasons were brought in detail in this thread and others .

But HOUDINI will keep posting (4de 5th time or more?) that Liston's foot was lifted by de 4ce of de panch and that he was found innocent by de innocent boxing commission .

There was no Larry Hazard in office back then , was there ?
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