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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

As someone who knows him fairly well I've got my own opinion. I've seen the best and worst of him but I'm still a fan.

The best. As a young kid I showed a bit of promise and Paul Burke used to take me down to the Pheonix gym to train with all the pro boxers. It was brilliant and I got talking to Ricky who everyone was praising to the highest order. I found him to be a totally sound bloke- subsequently at any of my amateur or early pro fights he'd always be shouting me on- give me bits of advice. Chat with my dad etc etc... Couldn't have said a bad word about him.

Few years later I met him at one of these 'a night with Ricky Hatton' do's we went through the usual stand up routine. He signed a few gloves for ridiculous amounts of money. Various other merchandise and then was charging 30 for pictures. I remember someone asking to get something signed - clearly a fan and Paul speak (his agent) was like sure '250'. It was entirely about the money. This wasn't someone looking to make a bit of coin meeting their fans- they were tearing the **** out of it.

Subsequent meetings with him were no less dissapointing. I remember meeting him at a show and he was in and out of the toilets every few minutes. I spoke to him and he barely said hello. This was a guy perhaps in his lowest eb but I was still really sad that I'd spent all that money supporting someone who claimed to be a man of the people but clearly wasn't.

Add to this the way his promotional outfit treated kenny, just basically took their coin for the groves fight then fooked him off. I remember Paul speak getting the ice been all helpful and stuff, the guy barely can manage a word to anyone at boxing shows when I've seen him.

Also Hatton ****ing off on holiday a week before Adam Little fought when he's in his final week of training.

I'm sure there is a reason for everything above but it just doesn't sit right that people think he's Mr Normal when he's really not... At least not in my experience of recent years. They are a money outfit. That is the main reason he's fighting. He needs his tv contract and the only way he can get that is by creating the khan-brook-Hatton sky trio.

Like I said I may have it all wrong. Reading this site may have seen me look at things in a negative way but that's how I see it at the moment.

Despite all this I am still a fan to some degree, he was a good fighter. I found him pleasing to watch at a lower level. I'd like to see his comeback do well purely so that boxing can get back on the back pages.
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