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Default Top prospect from your neck of the woods.

Mine's gotta by Johnreil Casimero.

He's really not a prospect but considering his age (22) he has fought strong oppositions in his enemies back yard. The kid is still young and improving.He lost to Moruti Mathalane a good boxer form South Africa.Johnriel quit but he wasn't hurt or dropped.Just thought it wasn't worth going on.

People might remember the Lazarte fight.The kid fought a hideous fouling Argentine and won.Not many prospect could go there and survive not just Lazartes's BS but a hostile crowd throwing chairs into the ring.Attacking the visitor like savages.

What an eventful career it has been.He has fought in Mexico and won fair and square.Mexico is a tough place to win in.That's why this is my prospect to watch it's Casimero.
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